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As Iron Sharpens IRON

The Bible clearly teaches multiple things about men that fly in the face of our modern, cultural understanding. The degradation of fathers and husbands in general, and, more specifically, their failure to do what God created them all to do, has led to a whole lot of men in the church who are weaker than they have to be, quieter than they're allowed to be; and mostly disinterested in becoming the most important thing God has called all men to be - LEADERS! Men are to be the spiritual leaders in their families, spiritual leaders in the church, thought leaders in the town square, and difference makers ANYWHERE they happen to be. The Proverb seen below, about Iron Sharpening Iron clearly teaches us how much we need each other. When men try to do things on their own, they become much duller in every aspect of this verse of Scripture. You can't be sharp without having other men in your life. Period!

We all need to be challenged. We all need to be inspired. We all need accountability to become the kind of men God has in mind for us to be. The River Oaks Men's Ministry has committed to making disciples of all men who are willing to ask for help - who long for their lives to count for so much more. We do it for our wives, we do it for our children. We do it for the society in which we live and work and breathe. We're here for each other, we want no man to be left behind!