The River Oaks Staff

  • Larry Rodgers                  Senior Pastor

    Pastor Larry Rodgers is many things... He's a husband, a father, a friend and mentor; he's a teacher, a preacher, a counsellor and a leader. He unapologetically preaches the life-changing word of God with conviction and authority, with depth and substance, but also with humor and a whole lot of grace. God has blessed River Oaks Church with this loving and caring shepherd. He is married to his wife, Grace, they have one daughter, Dakota. Larry enjoys reading; and apart from the Bible, Larry said his favorite book is "whatever I'm reading right now".

  • CHRIS SANCHEZ                Associate Pastor

    Chris Sanchez is… Chris! He’s just Chris; and that’s a good thing – you’ll understand once you meet him. He has a great heart and tremendous love for people. He serves as our Pastor to Families, which is centered on our River Oaks Student Ministry. He leads our 7th-12th graders on Wednesday nights and in numerous special events throughout the year. Chris also leads our Small Groups ministry that we call Connect Groups. He is married to his wife, Kelly and they have three daughters, Kaylee,  Kennedy,  Khloe.

  • RachAEl Ames            Children's Director

    Rachael Ames is a bundle of energy and joy. She loves Jesus and she loves children and has devoted her life to serving both. Rachael leads a team of wonderful, skillful, passionate volunteers who seek to create fun environments in which the truth of God’s Word is faithfully taught, where the fascinating stories of the Bible come to life, and where children are nurtured and guided and lovingly challenged to think purposefully about their own faith. Racheal is also a proud mom of two amazing young adults; Elizabeth and Alexander (a.k.a. Biz and Zander).

  • Will Biesiadecki          Worship Director  

    Will Biesiadecki is the newest member of the River Oaks Staff. He joined us in 2020 as our new worship leader. He leads the worship ministry, our praise band, the sound team, and audio/visual teams; as well as directing our weekly livestream broadcasts. Will is a gifted musician and singer and is very passionate about all that he does. He is newly married to his wife, Krista.