Like a great cup of coffee, being part of a local church provides us with warmth, comfort and a unique kind of "pick-me-up" that can be found only in the loving, caring environment created within a healthy church family. Doing life together with other believers also comes with some amazing "Perks". We all want to belong, we all want something amazing to behold, and we all need something greater than ourselves in which to believe.


Inevitably, when someone comes to a church for the first time, there is one huge question on their minds: We all want to know, "Do I belong here?", or it could be, "Do I fit in?" or "Do they need me here?" 

As believers, our job is to warmly welcome everyone, to make them feel like family, to ensure they feel comfortable and not like an outsider. One of the primary purposes of the Church is to provide a life-changing environment to which we all can belong. That's a PERK!!


At River Oaks Church, you are going to enjoy some great music, a fresh, impactful message from God's amazing Word; your kids will be well cared-for and you will be welcomed by our church family... but we will have failed miserably if you do not come face to face with the power of the living God; if you don't taste and see that the Lord is good; if your heart isn't challenged or even transformed. When we gather; when we seek God's presence and call on His name, He promises to be there in our midst. And when God shows up, we will all behold His amazing glory! That's a PERK!!


As you listen to and begin to understand how deep God's love is for you; as you hear His Word being faithfully proclaimed; and as you finally grasp the lengths to which God has gone to bring you to Himself (by sending Jesus to die for our sins) the more likely you are to choose to surrender your life to Him. There's no event that's more important in any of our lives! One of the greatest verses of Scripture says, "For God so loved the world, that He gave us His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)  Friend, "Whosoever" means YOU!  And that's a really big PERK!!